Message from Les Editions Paumes, from Tokyo

Les Editions Paumes, Tokyo,  sollicite votre créativité pour  réaliser une exposition dont les fonds seront donnés à la Croix Rouge Japon. Voici leur message.

Dear friends,

As you know, there has been a massive crisis in Japan following the
earthquake on March 11th. We have received lots of encouragement from
abroad and thank you enormously. What has happened is unimaginable, but
the people of Japan are brave and are lovingly helping each other, even
during this very difficult time. This evening it will snow as well….
What will they be thinking under the snowfall.

In Tokyo we have also been effected, although less than in the north.
We have the threat of the nuclear issue too. But less that the people close
to the station so it’s less of a worry to us. We have lots of friends
in France and across Europe who help us.

We would like to organise an exhibition in our gallery, Doux Dimanche,
of drawings and messages in order to sell them to raise funds to donate
to the Red Cross for those who have been most effected by the disaster.

We hope you would like to participate.

Exhibition : 5th – 20th April 2011 at Doux Dimanche http://www.2dimanche
Drawings + messages : all contributions are welcome  (Don’t forget to
sign your work.) Format: A4 or B4 or post card for the message
DATE : before the 21st march by email (high res.) and then by post.

contact : Fumie Shimoji /

With our very best wishes,

Hisashi TOKUYOSHI & Fumie SHIMOJI Editions Paumes

contribution de Zoe de Las Cases


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